The Leader of the puppets is one of the few puppets the others being Pinhead and Jester to appear in all of the Puppet Master movies to date, and the only puppet to have appeared in the vhs and dvd covers of the puppet master movies.

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He has a gaunt pale face with seemingly empty black eye sockets and long white hair and wears a black trench coat and wide-brimmed hat.

He has the soul of Dr. Hessa German scientist and medical doctor who wanted to work with Toulon. Magrewall three of whom he later turned against. Eric Weissand Robert Toulon whom he each served loyally. Blade has a sharp hook for his left hand and a knife for his right hand. He sometimes has spike-shaped "bullet eyes" that pop out of his sockets from time to time. Blade also appears in Boogeymen: The Killer Compilation. Jester the Clownalong with Blade and Pinhead are the only characters to appear in each of the Puppet Master movies to date.

He is 1'8" and weighs one and a half pounds. In Puppet Master III: Toulon's Revenge it is revealed that before he became a puppet, Jester was a man named Hans Seiderman, a bookkeeper who loved to play pranks and tell jokes who was killed by the Nazis when his jokes went too far.

Magrew, all whom he turned against in the end. Jester has the ability to rotate three portions of his face: his forehead, middle face, and chin. He can show five expressions: happy, devious, sad, angry or surprised which also doubles as scared. He holds a scepter which can sometimes be used as a weapon.

However, Jester's only seen with his scepter in Puppet master vs Demonic toys.

Skyrim Character Builds Guide – Best Character Builds List

Out of all the puppets, Jester has the most designs. In Puppet MasterJester had red clothes, his sleeves were mixed in red and black, and he had a red hat. In Puppet MasterJester was all red, mixed on his sleeves were red and blue, and had a blue hat. In The Puppet Master vs. Demonic ToysJester was all orange. He was given a mace-arm by Robert Toulon after a terrible fire in Puppet Master vs. Demonic Toys. In Puppet Masterthe puppets turned on their master because he threw Jester, and in part II, the puppets tried to find the formula for the starving puppet.

Appears in all the Puppet Master films. Pinheadalong with Blade and Jester, are the only characters to appear in all the Puppet Master movies to date. Before he became a puppet, Pinhead was a man named Herman Strauss.

Strauss was a truck driver who secretly brought food to the Jewish ghettos; as a result, he was killed by the Nazis for treason. His retro version was the soul of a beggar Andre Toulon knew. Pinhead's only power is his two big hands that can deliver quite a punch.

skyrim puppet master build

He's also unnaturally strong, able to move or drag a full grown human body with ease. Knuckles Crusher Brass, Steel. Torch later betrayed Toulon and set him on fire. Afterwards, he assisted Camille in "visiting" mentally ill children.

His fate and who he was in real life are currently unknown.I'm an avid "Skyrim" player that enjoys building unique characters. The perk makes unarmed attacks with Heavy Armor gauntlets do their armor rating in damage, which stacks with the base 15 damage for khajiits. This build is for those who want to never take damage.

And combining that with Shadow Warrior Sneakwhich stops combat whenever you crouch, for even more sneak attacks, is just ridiculous. My personal favorite, the conjuration archer build is, in my opinion, the perfect mix of not taking damage while dealing lots of it—low risk and high reward.

The build revolves around the Bound Bow skill Conjuration 50which you can buy from Farengar in Dragonsreach. This spell basically gives you unlimited arrows, along with damage modifiers from both the Archery and Conjuration skill trees The higher the conjuration level, the stronger the bow. And your archery perks all apply. The conjuration tree also conveniently gives you some of the best tanks in the game—Antronachs.

The strategy behind this build is self-explanatory, and oh so fun.

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This build is quite similar to the Conjuration Archer build in that you raise your Conjuration level for tanks. You get the unlimited zombie skill, Dead Thrallidentically to the other thralls—by talking to Phinis Gestor at level 90 Conjuration.

Invest in wards and Magic Resistance Alteration 30 to keep adding to all aspects of your defense, and have fun with the perfect sadistic evil character. Note that people around Skyrim may not take too kindly to your zombie followers. Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites.

Awesome article, thank you for sharing these great ideas! I usually like playing as Khajiit, so I will probably try the first first :.

skyrim puppet master build

Master Sneak to take x15 to dagger backstab damage, quiet cast and other perks that lower the noiseand master Illusion to use Invisibility spell. Plus the assassin glove that doubles your sneak damage, to a total of 30x sneak damage with daggers. Dagger on the main hand, invisibility spell on the other. And now ur ready to 1 hit ko every enemy in the game, and their friends won't even notice. Read over them and think the unarmed is an awesome build gonna give it a shot thanks for the advice.

I have four different characters that maybe aren't quite unique but that make the game fun in their own way. By the time you get to Daedric weapons and Dragonplate armor, there isn't a single thing that can challenge you. I never really liked using a shield until I made a concerted effort to get good at it.

There's nothing quite a satisfying as being able to disarm an enemy and have enough time to laugh at them as they try to punch you in Stalhrim armor before you hack them to pieces with a war axe. Specialized in conjuration, alteration, and destruction lightning focus, to aid in fighting other mages.

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This is what I'm working on right now, and I've found it to be the most difficult yet since I'm not using any armor other than that offered by alteration spells. I have a kajiit battlemage with heavy armor conjuration and one handed as main. I use my atronachs as dps or tanks, whatever fits the moment. Very fun playstyle, can be a little hard in the beginning since you have to have high stamina, health and magicka and perk in many things to be effective but it's worth it.

Plus, hoods look awesome on kajiit and with heavy armor.Discussion in ' Skyrim Help ' started by ShahmatDec 9, Skyrim Forums. Welcome to Skyrim Forums! Register now to participate using the 'Sign Up' button on the right. You may now register with your Facebook or Steam account! Help With SpellSword Build Shahmat New Member.

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My guess is you would open up with Fireblast or something and then if they are not krispy enough smack em around with your sword? Volsung Fortune favours the Bold. Yeah, you've got it right. I've made a new char, lvl 13 spellsword, and I use a war axe in one, destruction and other schools of magic in the other. Use a high elf so in those sticky situations I can use highborn to regen quickly and rape-some-face.

Good luck with your build. Light armour - you need it to dodge other magica attacks. You can enchant armour yes, but the robes would be a better chouce.

There regen is amazing as it is! Nightmare Shadow Master of Shadow. Get your enchanting skill high and take a bunch of perks for enchanting.

Then, go do the Azura Star Quest, every time I do this I take the black star, so I have no advice if you take the Azura Star then enchant your sword with soul trap that way you kill your enemy and absorb their soul. This is my plan for my Breton spellsword which I will make once the new patch comes out.

Get one handed, and destruction up to par. I would go ahead and practice enchanting on your armor light like Volsung said so you can dodge enemy spells more quickly and you can actually get magicka regen near novice level robes for a bit. Remember, the greater the soul and the more perks you have in enchanting, the greater the added effect on the equipment.

Titanburner Premium Member. Metallipath Premium Member. Stone Retired Moderator. Moved to help section.Luckily, the Skyrim community seems to have solved this issue — largely by making up classes entirely some replete with fan-made backstories — and then presenting them for use by other Elder Scrolls fans. These classes are otherwise known as Character Builds.

Below is a list of 10 Builds which we believe to be entirely worth your valuable playtime. Focusing mainly on the One-handed and Restoration skill-trees, the Templar is anathema to the Daedra and Undead.

First designed by FudgeMuppet, the Templar is a Knight dedicated to the total eradication of all evil. Undead army…the Necromancer can lead a horde of his deceased enemies thanks to Conjuration magic. A Dark Elf would be the most preferable race — as Dark Elves have an affinity for the dead and worship the spirits of their ancestors. The Necromancer is best-suited to players seeking a Conjuration-centred style-of-play - one less focused on traditional styles of combat.

The archetypal Dovahkiin is a Nord in full battledress and horns, determined to master the Way of the Voice. The Dragonborn is Nordic champion, destined to dine amidst other heroes in Sovngarde.

To better envelope yourself in the role: the Ordinator Perk Overhaul is a recommended although not entirely necessary mod, as this integrates the Way of the Voice into the speech skill tree.

Puppetmaster: Understanding PUP Guide

The Dragonborn is a good build for players who truly want to invest themselves in the whole hero-of-Skyrim role - and learn as many Shouts as possible. A Bandit Build is good for those who are tired of cycling through endless quest-markers.

The Bandit offers an entirely different, anti-hero feel to Skyrim — having you always on the outskirts of the major towns and cities. Bearing all the hallmarks of a wildling or savage tribesman, the Barbarian bludgeons foes with its Two-handed focus. The Barbarian is for those who like to bludgeon their enemies to pieces. The Barbarian is a savage, and uses his hammer, hands, and anything in-between to decimate anyone in his path. Barbarians will have to pursue the Companions questline up until The Silver Hand — so that they become a werewolf.

Additionally: The Barbarian will have to invest in the Two-handed skill tree, giving them a little extra swing in their primary method of dealing with problems — their ability to beat and bludgeon. The Barbarian would be a desirable build for players who just want to kill anything and everything in sight — zerg rushing any problems without need for strategy.

The Warlock is a mage of potent magical ability, accomplishing their aims solely with their Magicka. Destruction, Alteration, Conjuration. The Warlock is an unmatched wielder of ancient arts. A Warlock is a wizard skilled in the art of war. In more basic terms: a character whose magicka ability is of extremely powerful proportions and burns through all foes using just their magic. This is because the Bard will more-often-than-not find himself directed away from combat and direct forms of confrontation.

[MOD] Puppeteer Master - Paired animations

The Bard will choose sneaking or bartering to their goals — thoroughly avoiding coming to blows. Using magic and melee to violently advance the good fight in the Nordic homeland, the Paladin is a warrior dedicated solely to helping others and instilling hope into the near-broken peoples of this troubled land.

To fight that good fight more effectively, the Paladin will be investing in Restoration enabling him to effectively scourge the undeadTwo-handed, Smithing, and Enchantment the latter two allowing him to craft and refine his own set of weapons and plate armour. The Paladin will nicely supplement players who like to charge foes head-on in heavy melee encounters, while supporting themselves with healing magic.

A Battlemage stands before Whiterun. This Build is modelled after a character class originally found in Oblivion and Morrowind. Based off the Battlemage classes out of Morrowind and Oblivion back when class systems were an official thingthe Skyrim version accordingly focuses on Alteration, Conjuration, One-Handed, Destruction, Enchanting, and Alchemy.

The Battlemage — though mainly using many of the arcane arts that they have mastered — will have their One-Handed weapon to fall back too.

The Build is great for players weary of a dwindling Magicka metre — being readily able to switch between the two styles of combat where suitable. Geralt of Rivia…originally a monster-hunter of the fantasy open-world series The Witcher.By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

Arqade is a question and answer site for passionate videogamers on all platforms. It only takes a minute to sign up. However, when I actually saw the perks and spells I'd use, I saw some redundancy in them. And even that is questionable — the only situation where I think I'd use them is if I get detected by a group of enemies or against dragons. Otherwise, if they can't see me, why should I care about my armor rating?

But all that is highly questionable. I could get the same results by going all the way in Sneak, and, as a bonus, not have to worry about magic and time limits. In the end — exactly what combination of perks and spells should I use in a Nightblade character? I'd instead suggest Conjuration and Illusion as your magic trees. Being able to summon a "distraction" Atronach goes a long way. You can stay hidden, throw an atronach out, and then take a few potshots while they're distracted.

I didn't really take any perks from Conjuration, though, and on the Illusion tree I did just enough for silent casting. Most of the other perks in these two trees just aren't worth anything. This can be useful in a melee. I invested some points in Lockpicking, but there's really not that much challenge in the minigame once you get used to it. I mostly just spent points here to keep the minigame from annoying me overmuch.

From Archery and 1-Handed, I'd suggest putting points into the initial "damage increase" perk, and not much else. Most of your damage will come from sneak attacks, but having high damage otherwise can be useful. Archery is super useful in situations where there's nowhere to hide close enough to melee, or when an enemy is across a gap from you or so forth.

Attacking from range also means there's less of a chance they'll find you if you don't kill in one shot. In the 1-Handed tree, the damage increases do count for daggers they're considered 1-handed although I'm not sure they're applied before the sneak attack multiplier. Even if they aren't, it's still worth having the extra damage for those times when you just can't hide. In protracted dragon fights, having stamina for power attacks can be essential. Being able to move quickly in high-resistance armor is also a big boon.

Smithing, Alchemy, and Enchanting are the backbone equipment-building skills you'll need to be successful. In Smithing, get all the way around the light armor tree to Dragon Armor, which you can then use to create Dragonscale armors.

From Alchemy, I suggest taking just the "Alchemist" ranks. There are other perks there, but by the time you're at Alchemy, your potions will be so powerful and plentiful that you won't really need them. You can learn the ingredient effects on the internet, or via trial and error. Once you know them, you can create potions that have no negative effects relatively easily. In Enchanting, I'd suggest taking the middle track all the way to Extra Effect.

The rest of the perks aren't that interesting by comparison. Soul Siphon sounds cool, but you'll find that by and large Soul Gems are easy to fill, and the benefit it gives you is relatively minor. Sign up to join this community. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top.Spellswords are spellcasting specialists trained to support Imperial troops in skirmish and in battle. Veteran spellswords are prized as mercenaries, and well-suited for careers as adventurers and soldiers-of-fortune.

More nimble and athletic than the sorcerer, and better suited for spell-casting than the knight, their attacks are unpredictable.

"Skyrim": 4 Fun and Unique Character Builds

Students of combat and magic. The melee weapon of choice for most spellswords is the sword. Long hours are spent training and honing their skills with their weapon.

Training usually comes in the form of military service, gaining expertise under a master swordsman, or knowledge gained through their travels. Spellswords with higher proficiency begin to unlock special knowledge about magic. With this knowledge they are able to partially shield themselves from incoming magic attacks.

Novices use destruction magic to compliment their martial prowess in combat. Highly trained spellswords rely on destruction magic for ranged damage, preferring to utilize their blades in melee combat.

Unlocking the secrets of destruction magic gives a spellsword knowledge that will help increase their enchanting skills.

skyrim puppet master build

Using their knowledge with destruction magic alongside their enchanting knowledge they can imbue powerful magical enchantments on their weapons.

Master spellswords will usually forgo destruction magic in melee preferring to utilize powerfully enchanted blades. Skilled spellswords anticipate incoming attacks in order to dodge or parry. This will allow you to quickly block incoming attacks but still cast spells. Spellswords prefer to wear medium armor as it provides the best balance between maneuverability and protection.

Oblivion spellswords wore heavy armor. To emulate the use of medium armor I used steel and steel plate armor. The heavy armor found on the left side of the smithing tree is less bulky than the armor found on the right side of the smithing tree.This is the third installment in the Ultimate Character Creation Guide and this time we will be looking at the Necromancer.

It is a fabled class, a character obsessed with death or, at the very least, adept at commanding undead forces. They live between the world of the living and the dead, wielding strange necrotic power. For this one I borrowed from popular fantasy concepts and Elder Scrolls lore. Unlike DnD, which provides little insight on Necromancy, Elder Scrolls is teeming with dark magick and the Ordinator perk mod provides a variety of ways to play this class.

Be sure to check out my other class guides: the Barbarianthe Knightthe Paladinand the Cleric :. Class Description:. Reclusive and dangerous, these spell casters are often seen as evil but, as you will find, that is not always the case. Raisers of the dead and students of necrosis, Necromancers occupy various alignments but their work is always viewed skeptically by outsiders. Their practices are taboo or forbidden and this often finds them cast out by society or shunned altogether. Necromancers are not dissuaded by dark magick and delve into practices and rituals that other mages avoid.

The Necromancer is a reanimator of the undead, a lord of abomination and black death. They often work as loners, and their only companions are usually the zombies they raise from certain death.

Necromancers have varied beginnings - they could be a mage who became obsessed with forbidden magick, a gravedigger who practices macabre rituals that one day go too far or they might have a history in medicine and experiment on cadavers.

Whatever their backstory, Necromancers raise the undead to fight for them.

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They reanimate corpses, spread plague and disease and some even build their own personal skeleton army. Necromancers become a conduit of negative or dark energy, but not before communicating with the dead or a force from the other side.

In this way, all Necromancers gain their abilities by opening a gateway between the living and the dead. This is called a Seance Ritual and it is the source of their power. A Necromancer may be involved with a Seance Ritual accidentally or on purpose. Seance Rituals are successful only when dark forces communicate back. Dark forces are mysterious and their motives are hardly quantifiable. A Necromancer may have tried to bring back a loved one from the void and instead they unearthed a deathly plague.

Or maybe they offered someone as a sacrifice and get branded with dark magick, fated to carry the power of necromancy with them forever.

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Regardless the origin, it all starts with the Seance Ritual. Creating the Necromancer:. The first thing to consider in creating your Necromancer is what their backstory will be. Consider what significant events have happened in their life to lead to this moment. Do they refuse to accept that someone they loved has died? Maybe they are increasingly fascinated with the macabre and wish to command its power. What is their personality like? How do they feel about their necromantic abilities? Are they thrilled by them or burdened by the need to uncover more, delving deeper and deeper into the darkest magicks known to man?

What master do they serve, if any, and what is their goal beyond just combat? Discover these things and more before choosing your breed of Necromancer.

Seance Ritual. Necromancers get their ability from a link with the forces of death. They may have been forced into a ritual unwillingly or they may have sought out their power.